Furniture and Beyond LLC


Here at Furniture and Beyond we offer a wide range of services. For the most part, our services we offer are setup to satisfy our customers in every way imaginable. Here are some listed below:

Delivery-- We deliver items that were not only bought from our store, but also items that you may have bought from somewhere else   


Moving -- We move you from your home, office, storage space, and we can also deliver when you are local or long distance


Clean out -- We can help you to clean out your area and give you more space that was being taken up by unneeded items


Shipping-- We carry any cargo that is NOT HAZARDOUS or ALIVE in any way (Plants are acceptable)


Estimates-- We can give you a free estimate on anything


Hire (per hour)-- Whether it requires on or more people, or maybe help is needed to move something around your home. Just ask!